13 Brickfield Road, Cape Town (255kWp)

A commercial & retail centre utilizing PV solar energy to generate electricity for day time usage.
The PV system generates approximately 30% of the buildings energy requirements.
On weekends the PV system reverse feeds into the grid with a payback agreement (SSEG) in place with the City of Cape Town.

Operator : BRICKWORX
Commissioning : 21 February 2018
PV system power:  255kWp
Annual production 352 MWh  (1,378 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided Approximately 246.4 tons per annum
Project Specifications | 786 pv modules | 4 X SMA STP CORE -1 | Sunny Home manager

Yield Statistics: PV Solar 255kWp Actual Data (Power Generation)

The graphs depict the power generation yield year on year since installation/connection to grid on 21st February to April 2018.

PV Solar Yield Statisitics Month on Month for 13 BrickfieldRoad