Cornerstone Building: | PV Solar - 81kWp

Project: 81kWp (DC)
127 Cecil Str | Salt River | Cape Town:
Coordinates: 33° 56' 2.88" S, 18° 27' 38.12" E
Installed power: 81kWp
Type of modules : 300W crystalline silicon (c-si)
Number of modules : 270
Azimuth/inclination: 29°(northeast) / 20°
Annual global in-plane irradiation 2017 kWh/m
Annual air temperature at 2m: 17.1°C

PV System Electricity Generation

Cornerstone Student College commissioned 24 June 2014.
The PV system generates 75% of the buildings energy requirements during day time usage.
Additional electricity (25%) is drawn from the GRID.
On Sundays the PV system reverse feeds into the GRID with a pay back agreement (SSEG) in place with the City of Cape Town.
Reverse feed rate: R0.61c/kWh ex VAT

Electrical Energy Savings

Cornerstone Building, an office block located on 127 Cecil Rd, Salt River (pictured above). Its 81kWp system was installed in June 2014 and consists of 270 solar panels and five inverters. “These components [of both systems] operate optimally in spite of the heavy winds and storms that Cape Town experiences,” says Emvelo Renewable Solutions Director Ray Snyders.
The system provides for 70% of the building’s electricity needs, and has resulted in savings of R180 000 per year.

Yield Statistics: PV Solar 81kWp Actual Data (Power Generation)

The graphs depict the power generation yield year on year since installation in June 2014 to February 2018

PV Solar power Yield Statistics Yearly Cornerstone