The Benefits of PV Solar SSEG installation

  • Provide price security for customer.
  • Provide electricity supply security for customer.
  • Provide additional supply in supply- constrained areas.
  • Promote changes in the customer load profile, thus adding options for other energy security options.
  • Support Eskom with room for maintenance by removing some of the demand on their systems.
  • Add diversity to the South African energy mix.

Solar Energy is Sustainable and Renewable

Solar energy is sustainable and renewable and this means that we will never run out of it. It is a natural clean source of power that can provide electricity for our homes and businesses.

Be independent of the public utility companies 

We can generate our own source of electricity via solar panels potentially enabling us to live off grid. We need not be dependent on the public utility companies to supply our power therefore reducing our monthly expenditure.

Many governments around the world and locally offer generous rebates and monetary incentives to install solar panel systems.

Sell back Excess Solar Power to the Utility Company for Electricity Credits

If you produce enough solar electricity or if you don’t use all of the electricity that you produce you can sell it back to the utility company for electricity credits.

The advancements in technology used to create solar energy are continuing to improve making it even more cost effective. As it becomes cheaper to install new solar energy generators the price of solar electricity will continue to drop bringing it more into line with traditional, fossil-fuel generated electricity.

Solar Panels produce Zero Emissions

Solar electricity power plants and personal solar panels produce zero emissions and make no adverse mark on the environment.